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GPO Group Purchasing Organization

Phase 1: Sign Up

Your dedicated Premier representative will soon be reaching out to you via your preferred method of contact to introduce themselves and to help walk you through the necessary onboarding documents. Our onboarding documents consist of a membership application, profile form, and an initial set of supplier designation forms.

  1. Membership application: Our membership application must be signed and completed in full. It includes sections to capture basic company/point-of-contact information, your organization’s primary service/ specialty, and a list of unique identifiers. It also contains basic terms and conditions, as well as our rules of membership policy.
  2. Profile form: Our profile form is a basic intake questionnaire that will be used to help us better understand your current purchasing practices and needs. The form can be completed electronically as a PDF file or online using a unique survey link.

Phase 2: Collect, Audit & Analyze

Immediately after completing Phase 1, your Premier representative will follow up with you to provide an overview of our analytical capabilities and services. Through these services, we will help you develop a road map to identify improvement areas, prioritize savings opportunities, and prepare an action plan that can be carried out in a timely manner.

  1. Accounts Payable File Analysis: This analysis focuses solely on your indirect spend categories. These categories include, but are not limited to: professional services, IT services and equipment, shipping, and office supplies. We will work with the heads of your purchasing and accounting teams to gather your accounts payable files (please note, we only need to see what you spend, NOT what you owe). This data will be then be married with our contract information to produce a report that shows specific areas where your organization can save.
  2. Supplier designation forms: After completing the analysis process, your Premier representative will present our proposal to you by clearly outlining your savings opportunities and how we intend to go about putting your money back where it belongs. We will then begin the process of attaching you to the contracts of your choice. In some cases, you may need to sign a supplier designation form. A supplier designation form, or MDF, is a form that certain suppliers require in order to grant members access to purchase through a contract. It’s proof that our member is opting to access our contracted pricing. It also keeps prices transparent.

Phase 3: See Results & Learn More About Premier

After you approve of the savings opportunities presented to you, we will work with your distributors and directly with our contracted suppliers to implement the changes, then you just sit back and wait for the savings. About six months after completing your initial onboarding paperwork, you will begin to receive reports detailing the exact contracts your organization is accessing through Premier to confirm your savings. In the interim, your representative will contact you to provide you with an overview of our Employee Discount Program and other services offered by Premier.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand our group purchasing program with Premier, and what it means for your organization

Who is Premier?

Premier is a leading healthcare improvement company dedicated to better care and outcomes at lower costs for our members. We help organizations manage their supply chain to cut costs while improving quality.

Members of Premier’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) benefit from industry-leading prices offered through Premier contracts, as well as innovative tools, solutions, and knowledge-sharing.

Premier has one of the largest alternate site group purchasing organization programs, serving over 200,000 sites.

What is a GPO?

A group purchasing organization, or GPO, is an entity that leverages the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounted pricing from suppliers based on its collective buying power. More plainly, a GPO offers discounts on the supplies, products, and services needed every day by its member organizations.

How does it work?

A GPO is similar to a “big box” membership club, but without a membership fee or warehouse facility. In these bulk stores, the more you buy, the more you save. GPOs work in a similar way. Members join Premier, choose which of our negotiated contracts they want to access from our portfolio, and place orders for products and services from the suppliers they have selected.

Is there fees or requirements to participate?

No. Members pay no fees to join Premier’s GPO, and there are no minimum purchasing requirements.

What are the benefits of joining Premier?

The benefits of joining Premier go beyond cost savings, and include hands-on support, analyses and auditing to ensure you’re getting the best pricing, an expansive purchasing portfolio curated for physicians and other non-acute healthcare providers, and access to products that may otherwise be difficult to acquire, such as PPE.

Premier also offers additional no-cost benefits beyond our core purchasing program, including clinical programs that offer CE credits, an employee discount program that extends GPO pricing to your staff, a government affairs program that advocates tirelessly on our members’ behalf, and much more.

What can I purchase through Premier’s GPO?

Premier’s purchasing portfolio features more than 900 suppliers and 2,000 products and services curated for physicians and other alternate site healthcare providers, ranging from pharmaceuticals to medical/surgical supplies to business solutions and more. Common purchasing categories for physician offices include:

  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmacy
  • IT / Telecommunications
  • Office Supplies and Business Equipment
  • Laboratory Supplies
  • Capital Equipment
  • Administrative Services and Human Resources

Do I purchase directly from Premier?

No. You will continue to purchase directly from suppliers. However, you will be “attached” to Premier GPO contracts to ensure you get our negotiated pricing.

Do I have to change distributors?

No. You can continue to use your existing medical/surgical and pharmaceutical distributors. However, as part of the onboarding process, you will need to let your distributors know that you are designating Premier as your primary GPO, so they will honor our agreements and pricing. Our team will walk you through this process.

How do I get started?

The first step is to fill out a membership application and provider profile form. The application will capture information about your practice, and the profile form will help us better understand your current purchasing practices and needs. Once these are completed, Premier representatives will walk you through our onboarding process, including conducting additional analysis and attaching you to our negotiated contracts, so you can start purchasing.

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