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Keynote Speaker

Topic: Build the Ensemble Before You Build the Team.

Description: As the brother of the late actor, Chris Farley, Tom Farley has a lot to talk about in terms of family dynamics, addiction and recovery. Central to his story is understanding the art of Improvisation, and its unique ability to create connection. He speaks about creating change by redefining connection and developing ensembles that build trust and acceptance.

Tom Farley

Tom Farley grew up in Madison, WI and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Marketing. He began his career as a marketing and communications professional in the banking and finance industry, living and working in the New York City area. From 1999 to 2012, he ran The Chris Farley Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to substance abuse prevention. Like his brother, Tom was successful in opening the “eyes and ears” of youth audiences through the powerful and effective use of humor. In 2008 he wrote “The Chris Farley Show”, a New York Time bestselling biography of his late brother, the actor and comedian Chris Farley. He has been interviewed on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Fox News and The View. He has also been featured in People Magazine, USA Today and several national and regional newspapers and publications. Tom is a Community Relations Coordinator for Rosecrance Health Network, a leading provider of behavioral health services with nationally recognized addiction treatment programs. He is also a motivational speaker, delivering messages on substance abuse prevention and recovery. Tom lives in Madison, WI.